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Formica Countertops Guys offers services that are quite affordable to avail in order to take care of your Kitchen décor issues. The services are rendered so that you remain satisfied for a long time. We work towards making your experience something to remember. Kitchen place should be clean and tidy and must be made in a way so that it remains a place to recharge oneself. We at formica countertops believe the necessity of a good Kitchen place as family health depends greatly on it. One can contact at 888-739-4293 so that services can be delivered right at your place.


Customized services

Formica Countertops Guys is known for delivering quality Kitchen renovation services to the customers. The services are designed to ensure that your most avoided place becomes the most preferred one. There are several designs that one can opt for while depending upon individual preference. The customized services are delivered to ensure that the customers get what they are looking for. This is a way to keep customers happy and engaged to the brand. Our services are made to maintain quality and convenience at work place so that customers do not feel problem while hiring for such services.


Prompt service

One can make a call at 888-739-4293 in order to avail Kitchen care services from formica countertops at the earliest. It is done in a way so that a customer can get the most out of their investment. Now you can witness a new look to your old place. It is possible to overcome Kitchen issues quite promptly.

One can call at 888-739-4293 so that we can come up with the quotes at the earliest.

Customer Support

Formica Countertops Guys is known for giving value to its customers by extending state of the art technical and customer support so that the problems no longer remain with the customers. It is now easy to give a completely new look to your Kitchen place and thereby maintaining it at the usual state for a long period of time. The customer support is available to address customers round the clock.

Formica Countertops Guys Best equipment inventory

Formica Countertops Guys possess the necessary and updated equipments that make it easy to deliver services at customer place in the shortest period of time. The equipment inventory ensures that the services rendered are at par with the standards. Now you can stay confident with your Kitchen and can invite guests to visit the place without any hesitation.

Complimentary consultation services

We are offering consultation services for your problems and that at completely free of cost. It is made to ensure your satisfaction with our services and thereby paying for subscription at a later point of time.


Formica Countertops Guys is aimed at delivering quality services without compromising safety norms. Our expert professionals confirm on safety grounds so that the Kitchen place remains safe always. We care for your safety and value your convenience.


We ensure that you get the best services at your place. Your paid subscription will be valued so that you obtain satisfaction while asking our services.

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Formica Countertops Guys

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  • img Ease of cleaning
  • img 5 year warranty